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Monday, 4 April 2011
All You Need To Know About Yeast Infection

Women are subjected to the irritating health challenge of as yeast infection. Most women will have to deal with one during their lives. Worldwide women have to deal with this condition. It is not just an infection that hits certain geographic area. Babies can also have thrush which is an infection of yeast usually in the throat area.

There are all sorts of fungi and other micro-organisms to be found all over your body, particularly in warm and moist areas. The experts tell us that up to half of all women are carrying yeast in their vaginas, yet are totally free of adverse symptoms, i. E., most of us walk around all the time covered in the stuff; it causes no problems usually. So - some other factor has to be at play to make a usually harmless fungus suddenly have such ill effects.

A person might suffer many symptoms which could go from mild to very severe. The symptoms will include itching and also irritation in the vagina and at the vaginal entrance. There may be a feeling of burning during intercourse or urination. Swelling or inflammation of the vulva may also be present. A thick, odorless, white vaginal discharge similar in appearance to cottage cheese might also occur.

Children are more likely to get thrush, a condition of the inside of the mouth. It causes inflamed and painful white patches. Yeast is also the culprit of some diaper rashes in babies and toddlers. Other diaper rashes are bacteria related.

This type of infection is caused by the fungus Candida which is normally in the vagina. The vagina normally has a balanced combination of bacteria and this yeast. The bacteria in the vagina produce acid and this prevents excessive growth of the yeast in the vagina. If there is an imbalance in the vagina, there might be extra growth of the yeast. This will eventually cause this condition.

So what actions should be taken to avoid having this problem? Good nutrition is vital (e. G., intake of adequate water and foods teeming with nutrients). Foods high in sugar should be limited. Proper handwashing and good hygiene are likewise needed to curb this disease. And come the summer season where donning bikinis is at its prime, immediately changing out of a wet swimsuit (and not allowing it to dry on your body) is wise. Use of vaginal douches is discouraged since it can interfere with the organs balance between the normal flora. Online site
Vaginal Yeast and Vaginal Infection Worryingly, VVC can be a symptom of something far worse - there are many serious illnesses that cause recurring vulvovaginal candidiasis (four or over per year), including AIDS, diabetes and leukemia. In extremely rare cases, VVC itself can lead to systemic Candida disease (fatal seventy-five percent of the time) when the infection travels through the bloodstream to infect the whole body. Women who have a weakened or compromised immune system are at risk from this complication.

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